RetCam for Holles St

Did you see James Nesbitt on the Late Late Show, talking so passionately about the need for a RetCam in Holles St Hospital.  If so, you will also have seen the interview with the parents of baby Blake, whose eyesight was saved by the expertise of doctors and surgeons at Holles St.  Blake was suffering from Retinopathy and needed surgery in order to save his sight.  A RetCam is a vital piece of equipment, used to detect Retinopathy in it’s early stages.

Here at Redmonds of Roscrea we are eager to help with the fundraising effort and we are offering a Mini Session and 7″ framed portrait for the amazing price of €35, of which €20 will go directly to the appeal.


This is a one day only fundraiser and will take place on Sunday 10 December.  Ring or email now to book your place!


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