Just because…..

Sometimes you don’t need a reason to have a portrait made. Sometimes you decide to have it done, just because.

When Theresa Byrne came to see us to have a portrait made, she wanted something a little different.  The result was this great portrait – elegant, timeless, fun, quirky, and definitely eye-catching.


Better Late Than Never…

We all have one.  A drawer where bits and pieces are put when we don’t know quite where else to put them.  Pens, takeaway menus, phone book – you know the sort of thing.  Well, this is exactly the kind of place you might put a Gift Voucher, with the intention of using it at a later date.

Last year, we received a phone call from a family who had received a Gift Voucher in 1996!  The voucher was a gift to the Delaney family from their shop staff.  Of course, they always intended to use it but life was busy with the shop and a growing family.  Then the children grew up and moved away and it seemed as though the voucher would never be used.  Until last year….

The family all came together in 2017 – parents, children and grandchildren – and it was time to ring Redmonds of Roscrea to see if the voucher could still be used.  Of course, we said yes!  First we had to convert it from punts to euro, then it was all systems go.

The result is a beautiful collection of pictures, including this one of the whole family, and the Delaney family is delighted.


Portrait Club

Our Portrait Club is always open.

Some of our clients pay into the Club all year in preparation for upcoming events: a new baby, First Holy Communion, Confirmation, the right year for the Family Portrait, whatever is important to them. Call us for details on 0505 21936

First Communion Portrait with a Twist…

Sometimes we’re asked to find a unique place for a unique girl in a white suit for First Holy Communion. And there’s nowhere as unique as Monaincha Abbey, also known as the 31st Wonder of the World.

This young girl thoroughly enjoyed her photo session among the ruins of this very special place.  And Mum and Dad are thrilled with their finished portrait, which is also very unique.


Buddy Bench

Buddy Bench, the life coping skills programme was delivered to pupils at Corville NS Roscrea on Tues 6th Dec 2016. The event was organised by Redmond Photography Roscrea on the occasion of their 40th Anniversary of business in Roscrea and the programme was made possible by donations received during this years Happy Faces Portraits at Redmonds. Thank you to everyone who took part. Theresa Redmond said, “Our 40th year in business was a perfect opportunity to do something positive and worthwhile for children who have been at the core of our photography for so long”


A lasting legacy for children.

Each year, in association with the Irish Professional Photographers Association, Redmonds undertake a fundraiser for a particular charity. Redmonds give their time and materials free of charge and each participant receives receives a complimentary portrait for their donation to the charity of 25 euro. This year they  selected the ‘Buddy Bench’ Programme, which teaches young children invaluable life coping skills from a very young age. With its ethos of ‘Look Up, Look Around and Look Out for Each Other’ – a team of trained psychologists visit each school and work with the teacher and children at no cost to the school or parents.Each portrait participant was invited to nominate a school and the winner was Corville NS., Roscrea.

To celebrate 40 years in businesses is a commendable achievement but to give children a means to learn coping skills that will help them throughout their lives is nothing short of amazing and encompasses everything that Redmonds business motto has always stood for – ‘For the Times of Your Life’

Details of this innovative programme can be found on Buddy Bench Ireland

Brian says ‘Children have been the core of our business since we opened so we wanted to make a useful and lasting gift that will benefit children’ We are very excited about this programme. A lasting legacy that Redmonds will provide for generations to come.












Something Old, Something New

Something Old, Something New


Now and again, we have people come in to us with old photographs, albums, negatives, which they would like restored.  We always endeavour to bring these precious memories back to life as best we can.

Recently, a client brought in her wedding album, which had suffered the effects of damp and had started to fall apart.  She and her husband had married in 1966 and wanted us to renovate the album in this Golden Anniversary year of her marriage.  Now widowed, the photographs are more precious than ever, so it was important to show them in the best possible way and create an heirloom which can be passed on to future generations.

The original album consisted of just thirteen pictures, with a selection of cards and Telegrams (remember those?) tucked into a folder in the back.  Having sourced an album that wouldn’t look too modern, we set about placing the precious contents of the old album in to the pages of the new one.  Each picture, Telegram and card now has a page of it’s own, each mounted on enhancing backgrounds and each separated by archival, acid free tissue interleaving.

Our client collected her new/old album last week and was absolutely thrilled with the result.  It has already been taken to a family reunion where her Bridesmaid was able to see it.  And, of course, her grown up children are delighted that this precious piece of family history has been restored and saved for generations to come.



Lazy, hazy Summer days…. and evenings

The lazy, hazy days of Summer are upon us and everywhere we look there are glorious colours, not least the stunning carpets of bluebells that are transforming our woodlands at the moment.


What better way to spend time with your family than to go for a stroll through the woods, relaxing in the sunshine, admiring the riot of blues.  Precious memories are made on days like these – a chance to unwind, away from the stresses of life, watching the children running and playing, maybe even having a picnic.  What’s the rush?


You could even keep those memories alive by having an outdoor shoot in your favourite family place.  A reminder of time well spent.

Walk in the woods










Tough decisions made easy!

It’s so difficult to make a decision, isn’t it?

You’re sitting in front of the screen, looking at a selection of great pictures and you just can’t seem to narrow it

down. You want them all!  The solution? A Wall Album.




Along with your printed book or as a stand-alone piece, your favourite are pictures presented as a single framed piece.

An eye-catching wall piece for your home, filled with memories.

Whether it’s from the family portrait session you had  here in the studio,

or from your wedding (recent, or not so recent!) a wall album is a great way to

display your pictures and help you create your family story.

Lost and found

What would you do if you saw an old photograph lying in the street?
Step over it?
Pick it up?
What if you pick it up, what do you do with it then?


Well, when Fiona saw a photograph on Dawson St while on a visit to Dublin she knew exactly what to do. Having worked here at Redmonds of Roscrea for many years, she knew that if the picture got wet and trampled on, it was ruined forever. She picked it up and brought it home, took a picture of it and posted it on Facebook and Twitter. Within a few hours it had been shared and retweeted dozens of times and she had received lots of messages with tips about tracing the owner.


2016-03-26 13.14.08













Thirty six hours after the initial post, a message pinged in from a lady called Sibheal saying that the lady in the picture was her Nana. And Nana was about to celebrate her 101st birthday! The photograph was being taken by Sibheal’s Mum to a photographers to be copied and framed as a present for the special occasion when it fell out of her bag.
Addresses were exchanged and the photograph was despatched (via registered post!) to be reunited with it’s rightful owners.

And here is the Birthday Girl Kathleen Doody, on her 101st birthday, holding the precious picture taken of her all those years ago!