Gift Vouchers

A voucher from Redmonds of Roscrea makes a most welcome and useful gift.  From newborns, to babies, to toddlers, to children.  First Holy Communion, Confirmation, graduation, engagement, wedding, anniversaries, families, generations… In fact, for all the times of your life.


*There is no expiry on our vouchers

Old Vouchers

Have a rummage around your house to see if you have any old Redmonds of Roscrea vouchers.

All purchased vouchers honoured regardless of age – we just recently had a family in with a voucher purchased 26 years ago! Now, at last, their family portrait is hanging on their wall. Call us now on 0505 21936. Purchased vouchers will be honoured at full face value.  Complimentary vouchers will be honoured at half their original value.

T&Cs apply