Better Late Than Never…

We all have one.  A drawer where bits and pieces are put when we don’t know quite where else to put them.  Pens, takeaway menus, phone book – you know the sort of thing.  Well, this is exactly the kind of place you might put a Gift Voucher, with the intention of using it at a later date.

Last year, we received a phone call from a family who had received a Gift Voucher in 1996!  The voucher was a gift to the Delaney family from their shop staff.  Of course, they always intended to use it but life was busy with the shop and a growing family.  Then the children grew up and moved away and it seemed as though the voucher would never be used.  Until last year….

The family all came together in 2017 – parents, children and grandchildren – and it was time to ring Redmonds of Roscrea to see if the voucher could still be used.  Of course, we said yes!  First we had to convert it from punts to euro, then it was all systems go.

The result is a beautiful collection of pictures, including this one of the whole family, and the Delaney family is delighted.


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